Who would have thought it…

…but I am wearing my Vancouver 2010 volunteer’s blue jacket almost every day because of the on-going winter weather in Scotland.  I have many other jackets but I like wearing my blue jacket best because I can layer and it had loads of pockets for my bits and pieces.

It is currently midnight and it is -16 degrees in Edinburgh.  We haven’t had a winter like this since 1963, although experts say it may be longer than that.  We have had record amounts of snow, continued low temperatures for almost two weeks and, other than a forecasted balmy few days this coming weekend, it is to be like this until the end of the year at least!

I love this weather but it has been having a significant effect on my travel to work.  On a couple of days last week I took public transport and it took two buses and 2.5 hours from door to door, and back again.  I like walking in the snow and love taking photos.

Winter Wonderland

Some days I have more Olympic gear on than you could buy in the Olympic Superstore – today I had on a white 2010 Olympic toque; my volunteer’s blue jacket and ski pants; my Canadian Olympic scarf and the famous red mittens.  All that’s missing are my winter boots which happen to be lying in a cupboard in my cousin’s house in Vancouver!!!  Who’s idea was it to leave them behind until the next visit…oh yeah, it was mine!



3 Responses to Who would have thought it…

  1. Vancouverite says:

    Hello! What an amazing collection you have of the Vancouver 2010 pins. I would love to trade with you and have lots of extra stuff from Games that I can pass on. Please contact me by email and let’s trade!

  2. Kirsty Halliday says:

    Just came across this article – I got to Vancouver last minute to see the games and adored the volunteers jackets! I finally bought one on eBay this summer (2012). It finally got an outing here in Philly during Hurricane Sandy, but I’m mostly looking forward to wearing it in Edinburgh this Christmas when back to see my parents & in London for New Year! Maybe I’ll spot you around Edinburgh if you’re still there!! 🙂

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