I think it is fair to say…

I am suffering from post-Olympic depression/withdrawal.  I have downloaded and watched the Olympic events I missed or wanted to see again.  I have also been watching the Paralympic Games on the web and wishing I was still over in BC in the thick of it, enjoying volunteering, helping the athletes, generally having a great time.

And to make matters worse, the snow is falling in Whistler, something it never did when I was there.  I really wanted to experience a winter Games in a winter environment but it never happened but I leave BC and two days later the winter conditions return.  As we say over here, nae luck!

I have been home almost a week and I am still not into any routine, except getting up and going to work.  My sleeping pattern is all over the place, averaging about two hours a night at different times of the night – 10 til 12 or 4 til 6 or any other combination in between.  They say when travelling back from Canada to the UK it takes one day’s recovery for every time zone crossed (8 from Vancouver to Edinburgh) and it is worse travelling east.  The joys of jet lag!!

Of course, I am also missing Vancouver, a city I never tire of.  Sometimes I wish I could do a job exchange with someone in Vancouver.  Hmmm…maybe I could wangle an exchange to learn more about the ‘Own the Podium’ initiative and my counterpart could come to Scotland and give the benefit of their experience in Games planning, legacy or something.

I am also missing everyone I know over there.  I feel as though I never spent a great deal of time with anyone because of my work schedule or other Olympic activity.

And throw in for good measure that today is Monday and the start of a full working week.

I am already wondering where I can travel to next.  I have no plans to go anywhere right now but there is a chance I could be going to Delhi in October for the Commonwealth Games.  Other than that possibility the rest of 2010 will be spent at home.

Oh well, it’s time for a wee lie down.


4 Responses to I think it is fair to say…

  1. Keith says:

    I know exactly how you feel. We were in Vancouver between 14th Feb and 2nd of March. We too are having withdrawal symptoms after having such a fantastic time, culminating in that pulsating hockey final!!!

    We are also having big problems with jet lag, although we did stay a further 6 days in New York on the way home – watching NHL hockey!!!

    Been downloading photos and have watched some of the Olympics I recorded whilst we were away. Reminded me what a special time it was.

    Your blog has made interesting reading throughout the Olympics.

    Bring on Sochi……. and London before that!


    • Thanks for your comment and your interest in my blog.

      I am still sorting my photos out, gives me something to do during the night when I can’t sleep. I will be uploading them soon.

      Yep, roll on London 2012 and Glasgow 2014

  2. wendy says:

    Guess what? I have post-Olympic depression as well. I never pay attention to any Olympic games until we hosted the game here in Vancouver. I am a volunteer worked at the airport and I enjoyed the volunteer work very much. Not only the post-Olympic depression I have but also becoming a (novice) pin collector. I don’t trade them as I usually only get one of those I collect. I’m happy with my collection but I will start collecting for London 2012 and, hopefully, for Sochi 2014. Good that I found your site. It refreshes my memory (No, I should say it extends my memory because all the bits and pieces about the Olympic are still in my memory, especially all visit to pavillions)

    • I have been back home for almost three weeks and I am still suffering. My sleeping pattern is a joke and my concentration isn’t very good. Going though my photos isn’t helping because as much as I enjoy looking at them it also makes me remember what I am missing. But it will pass in due course.

      Well done on your pin collection, it will soon grow, especially if you are going to London and Sochi. Ccan I encourage you to think about coming to Glasgow in 2014 too. The Commonwealth Games are the known as the ‘Friendly Games’ and we will put on a great Games. Think about it. http://www.glasgow2014.com/

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