Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair curling differs from Olympic curling in that the teams are required to be mixed-gender and since no sweeping is allowed to keep a rock straight, shooting has to be precise.

Wheelchair curling only has eight ends compared to 10 in traditional curling, so the mid-game break comes after the fourth end.

And today, in the opening game, Canada beat Great Britain 9-2 in seven ends, in what was a rematch of the gold medal final from four years ago in Torino.

I hope the GB wheelchair curling team is not going to go the same way as the Olympic team 😦


2 Responses to Wheelchair Curling

  1. diane says:

    Apparently the hosts from the VANCOUVER olympic village have gathered on the net and shared experiences.I was one of them….and it was without a doubt the best thing to ever happen o me….. if anyone knows the site where i can join these other great volunteers….please let me know. i thought it was,,,,,vvl or vv something or other…. but all i truly know is that it is where vancouver athletes village hosts gather to share their amazing experiences. somewhere on face book ……anyone know the name??????? please!!!!!

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