My 2010 Olympic Pin Collection

I have laid out some of the pins I collected while at the Olympics and I am very pleased with my haul.  I have pins from countries that I haven’t had much involvement before as most of the pins I have collected come from the Commonwealth Games.  I already have an extensive collection and these are welcomed additions.

On this occasion I have pins from USA, France, Finland, South Korea, Greece, Lithuania, Lebanon, Latvia, Ukraine, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, China and Mongolia.  I also have pins from Olympic sponsors.

2010 Olympic pins

I have two favourites: one pin randomly given to me in Whistler by a girl who was from one of the Four Host First Nations.

I was walking along the Village Stroll when she approached me from nowhere and reached out to give me her pin.  She explained that she was from the Four Host First Nations but I never found out which one.

Before we parted I gave her a Scottish pin and she was kind of taken aback as I don’t think she had been given a pin in return for her’s.  A huge smile came across her face and off she went back into the crowds.  A few days later, maybe even a week, I was sitting on the bus going from Whistler to Creekside when I was aware that someone was looking at me.  I glanced across and this recognisable smile came back at me.  It was the girl again with the Scottish pin on her jacket.

The second one was from a wee boy outside the figure skating venue in Vancouver.  He was about 6/7 and he came up to me, looked at my pins on my accreditation lanyard and said “you have lot of cool pins”.  His mum shouted on him and he ran away to be her and others.  A short time later, while walking to the bus, this voice goes “you reaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyy have a lot of cool pins and do you want to trade one?”  I turned round and it was the wee lad again.  I said “sure, I’ll trade with you, what have you got?”  He produced a CBC badge and gave it to me.  In return and gave him, and his brother, Scottish pins and they were so excited and they ran to tell their parents.  The next thing I know the dad comes over to me and thanks me for making his sons’ day because they were the first pins they had ever been given.  I only hope they were the first of many they collect during the Games.

I like looking at other collections and my collection is not as big as some I have seen.  But I think I have a quality collection, meaning they are not all sponsor pins, which are mass-produced.  I am not one for just asking for a pin without trading.  I took a lot of Scottish pins with me to trade and happily gave them to kids and other worthy people.  I do admit that I got fed up with adults just walking up to me and pulling at my accreditation lanyard and asking me, almost demanding me, to give them a pin.  They were too aggressive and I resisted the request.  I am happy to give but depending on the situation.

I would like to thank everyone who traded or gave me pins, they are all very much appreciated.

My next opportunity to trade pins could be at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India.


14 Responses to My 2010 Olympic Pin Collection

  1. Rob Catlin says:

    Awesome collection I have an extra one that you don’t have if you want it

  2. Rob Catlin says:

    I have a Paralympic one just like far left but with flame and no red flame outside of pin

  3. Hammie says:

    Hi, I am interested in your Mascot Spread Some Cheeses
    pin, Mascot on the bus pin and the Mascot shoveling snow pin. Would you like to trade them with my pins ? I can send you a list of my pins for you to choose.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your interest in my Olympic pin collection. They mean a great deal to me and are not available for trading. I noticed a lot of Olympic pins on eBay, you may find what you are looking for. Happy hunting.

  4. Ron FInnigan says:

    Hi Joyce,
    Just came across your blog. You and I must have been separted at birth 🙂
    Would love to get in touch with you about Commonwealth Games pins. I have an extensive collection, incl Victoria 1994 where I was also a volunteer. Could you possibly email me at when you have a chance. I live in the Toronto area.

  5. Jhashank says:

    Hie … If you are in Delhi at the moment. I can trade with you. I am an indian.

    Respond soon. Only two days left.

  6. Ross Smith says:

    Delhi Commonwealth games team pins seem to be ‘present’ by their absence. None has so far come up on ebay and yet after the Melbourne Games there were scores of listings. Are there any out there?

    • As far as I could tell there was only one style of a Delhi 2010 pin, in blue and purple, in it wasn’t on sale in the Games merchandise shops. I was given mine and never seen another.

      • Jhashank Gupta says:

        I beg to differ. There were 4 Delhi 2010 Pins.
        And a host of other CGF pins and all. Added to it were the pins specific to each country. The dearth of pin listings is due to the vast majority of Delhi United Volunteers (22,000 to be precise) Who wish to keep the pins as personal collections.

        Also, Delhites are not that Tech Loving to put them up on eBay. They prefer selling the pins through Direct Networks.

        • I am happy to be corrected and agree there were CGF and country-specific pins…I am fortunate enough to possess many of them. All I am saying is, I was in the main merchandise stores in the Athletes Village and the Ashoka Hotel and there were no pins on sale. I spoke to a number of athletes and they too were trying to purchase Delhi 2010 pins.

  7. lucky says:

    Hi, i’m an olympic pin collecter from Beijing China, i’m looking for olympic pins – NOC, Media, sponser,,etc since 1994-2010, so if you have any of those pins please send pic to my mail box-, also, if you looking for any pins from 2008 Beijing , send me pic ,i’ll find for you , we can trade , thanks and wait for your reply

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