1 day to go – Paralympic Games

With one day to go to the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Paralympic Games the President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has stated that the Games should be combined with the Olympic Games.

The IPC President has said that they need to look at the full inclusion of Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games together.  He added, “Why wait 10 days and have to re-energise the spirit that was in this city and this country for two-and-a-half weeks just last week?”

“If we could have been incorporated in that whole situation, which I think can happen, what a wonderful presentation.

“We want to take advantage of their [the Olympics] structure and success and it is also a way for us to become integrated and a part of the whole superstructure of sport in the world.

“I mean, why reinvent the wheel?

“They’ve got good sponsors, good media support, good rules and regulations and technical elements.”

When I was in Vancouver/Whistler this issue came up in conversations on a few occasions and concerns were expressed that the Paralympic athletes and visitors would not enjoy the same excitement which took over Vancouver and Whistler and that events would not be well attended.  It is good to read that this is not the case.

The Paralympic Torch Relay is getting great support since it left Ottawa last Wednesday, and particularly now that it is in BC.  It is also great to learn that tickets for the Opening Ceremony and the sledge hockey are selling well.  Tickets for all sledge hockey matches involving Canada and the Final have sold out already, as have the men and women’s alpine events at Whistler.

For information:

Paralympic ticket prices range from $15 (£9.75) to $175 (£114), for top seats at the Opening Ceremonies.

No competition charges more than $50 (£32.50) for a single ticket.


One Response to 1 day to go – Paralympic Games

  1. ivision4u says:

    I couldn’t agree more, “Why reinvent the wheel.” To give all these athletes an equal sense of what it is like to stand in front of the world and say “I am the best” is truly what the Olympic Spirit is all about. I wrote a post on this in my own blog. http://blog.virtualwhistler.com/?p=460 Hope you have a change to check it out and comment.

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