Time to leave

I am sitting at YVR waiting to board my flight home.  I am feeling a tad deflated and tired.  I won’t get home until 18:00 tomorrow (Tuesday).  I have one more day off before returning to work.

I am always sad to leave Canada but I am looking forward to seeing my mum, sister and my wee niece Alix.

I would like to thank Margaret and Greg for everything.  I always look forward to visiting with them and they make my stay very comfortable.

Thanks also to Barbara and Rob for taking me into their home in Whistler for the month of February while I was an Olympic volunteer.  Without them I would never have been in Whistler and I will always be grateful for their kindness and hospitality.  I look forward to welcoming you to my country some day.

To Ann and Charlie, thank you for picking me up at YVR on my arrival and to Ann for bringing me back today.

And one last thanks, to my colleagues in The Scottish Government’s Sport and Games Legacy Division for dealing with my work in my absence, it is very much appreciated.

Finally, good luck to all involved in the Paralympic Games.  I hope the Games are as exciting as the Olympic Games.  I am sure the Canadians will give the Paralympic athletes the same support.


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