“Winter” Games…you are having a laugh!

Today was a fantastic Spring day in Vancouver, and the Winter Paralympic Games start next week!  The Vancouver sky was crystal clear and it was warm enough not to wear a jacket today, and many people were walking about in t-shirts and shorts.  At one point the car registered the temperature at 16 degrees and at 8pm it was 11 degrees.

Blossom in Vancouver

I had to go to the VANOC office today and it was bit of drive from the house and according to Google maps it should only take about 30 minutes…it took me 3 hours!  At no point did I get lost, I was distracted.  I was distracted with the blossom on the trees.  Every street I was on was lined with pink and white trees, and of course I had to stop and take pictures.  The city looks so pretty with the trees in full bloom.

I realised I was heading towards the Queen Elizabeth Park so I decided to go there for a nice walk in the morning sun.  The park is one of the highest natural points in Vancouver and the view of the downtown area and beyond is incredible.  I could have stood there all day just looking and taking it all in.  The buildings in city were as clear as a bell and the snow-capped mountains in the background made a picture perfect scene.


I then got on with my journey to VANOC and I got on the street heading in the right direction but I got distracted again when I drove underneath a canopy of pink and white blossom.  I stopped again to look and snap.  I wasn’t alone, there were a few other folk out looking at the spring colours.

Eventually I got to VANOC, got my item and continued on with my journey.  I drove across to the bridge to North Vancouver, then to West Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay.

I like Horseshoe Bay, it was one of the first places in Canada I got to know well because my aunt and uncle lived just up the hill from the village.  Horseshoe Bay is a major ferry terminal and I like to watch them come and go to the islands off the BC coast.

Horseshoe Bay

I am very fortunate, I live near and work in Edinburgh, one of the world’s beautiful cities and I can come to Vancouver, another of the world’s great cities.  Vancouver gives me a nice feeling and I believe it is the only place where I could live outside Scotland.

I am thankful for having relatives in this great city and I can visit when I want.  I am so grateful to my cousin Margaret and her husband Greg for their kindness and welcoming me into their home and giving me the use of their car, they are so kind to me.


One Response to “Winter” Games…you are having a laugh!

  1. Hi Joyce, oh my gosh, looks very pretty, a real postcard view. Enjoy all your blurbs, wish I was there too! YOu need to write a book.

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