Time to go

Today is my last shift as an Olympic volunteer.  It has been an interesting experience.  Once again I have loved being in Vancouver, and of course, Whistler.  This country never lets me down.  Okay, maybe the lack of new snow in Whistler but that is totally out with anyone’s control.  The weather has actually been fantastic for most of the Games and the pictures on television of the aerials against the clear blue sky looked fabulous.

The Games were a resounding success and the praise from the world’s media is very much deserved.  I am glad to see even the notorious British media had sense and agreed that these Games were not the disaster they were trying to make them in the first week.  I dread to think what damage they will try to inflict on London in the next two years.  Even Canada’s near neighbours, the USA, have been more than complimentary about the Games, even following their loss of the hockey Gold medal.

It has been a great experience for me to be part of the world’s greatest multi-sport event.  This was a fantastic opportunity to work within the Athletes Village, working with some great folk who have endless amounts of enthusiasm, commitment and always smiling, many of whom are continuing to work right through to the end of the Paralympic Games.

Did my experience as an Olympic volunteer turn out to be everything I expected…not quite.  Would I change anything about my role at the Olympics if I had the chance…yes, I would.  Would I volunteer at a future Olympic Games…absolutely!

The next Olympic Games are in London in 2010 and I am really interested in getting involved.  More importantly for Scotland, in 2014, Glasgow will host the 20th Commonwealth Games followed by the Ryder Cup.  I have interest in both events and I aim to be involved in them in some way.

I encourage anyone who has watched the Olympics on television or who has followed my journey through February on this blog who has a hankering to try volunteering for themselves to do it.  I always regret not going to Sydney in 2000 and vowed never to miss an opportunity like this again.

If you are interested in volunteering at a future multi-sport event such as the Olympics or Commonwealth Games you can find further information at the following links:

London 2012 – http://www.london2012.com/get-involved/volunteering/index.php

Glasgow 2014 – http://www.volunteerglasgow.org/sport/ (the new Glasgow 2014 website will be launched soon)


One Response to Time to go

  1. Rob Catlin says:

    I am so happy you enjoyed your stay here in Canada and hope one day you may return. I hope you have a safe trip home with all the happy memories that you got from here.

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