Be proud Canada

I am so glad to be here in Canada at these Games.  I may not be Canadian but I feel your pride, your passion and your patriotism.

The Games didn’t start out well with death of the young Georgian luger, the malfunction of the Olympic Cauldron at the Opening Ceremony and the lack of snow on Cypress Monutain.  But out of this doom and gloom the city, the province, the country and the Games rose like a phoenix to take the Olympics to a new level like no other host nation has done before.

As I watch television there are crowds in the streets in towns and cities throughout Canada, celebrating the hockey success and the success of the Canadian Olympic team.

Canada, you believed you were going to deliver a great Games, you believed your team would be successful and you believed in your nation.

Please believe that the Paralympic Games will be just as successful on all fronts.  Give the Paralymics the same support.



One Response to Be proud Canada

  1. Robin Mednick says:

    You have made us all so proud, as usual, and I for one am so honoured that you volunteered to help make the Vancouver Games a huge success.
    There has never been a prouder “Canadian” than you or one who deserves honourary citizenship more!!!!
    Many thanks from all of us who know and love you for your tremendous contribution.
    Huge hugs and safe travels back to Scotland,

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