Bob-sleigh, exciting but crazy

I returned to Whistler yesterday to attend the final session of the women’s bob-sleigh.  Great Britain 1 are the current world champions and came into these Games hopeful for a medal.  Unfortunately after the first two sessions on Tuesday GB were lying well down the field in about 10th position.  However, last night things only got worse when GB 1 crashed out on the third run when the sled flipped over to end their slim medal hopes.

Rival supporters at the bob-sleigh

Canada 1 led from start to finish to win the Gold medal and Canada 2 won the Silver medal.  I was right at the finish line, although had difficulty seeing the run but could see the action on the big screen.  The atmosphere was incredible as Canada and the US were in contention for the medals and both sets of supporters were very vocal (US finished 3rd). We were all ringing our cow-bells, making as much noise as possible.

Bob-sleigh Gold medal winners

At the same time Canada was playing Russia in hockey and every time Canada scored the Canadians at the bob-sleigh venue erupted with excitement.  This happened seven times as Canada won 7-3, to beat the Russians for the first time in 50 years at a Winter Olympics.

It was great to be there when Canada won.  It was so exciting.  And it is great to have a back up team to support.  It has been a disappointing performance by Team GB – one (Gold) medal.  I had high hopes for our curling teams but alas they didn’t quite get it right.  However, it is very, very easy for me to support the Canadians.  GO CANADA GO 🙂

How does someone get into bob-sleigh!?  It’s mad!  The sled goes hurtling down the run at an unbelievable speed and you can only appreciate how fast and noisy it is when you are there and this blur goes past you.  I also never appreciated the height of the run, it was a good 4-5 feet above my head and sled goes high up on it.  One wrong move and the sled can flip over, and it looks quite spectacular as it slides down the run.  Sometimes there can be serious damage, and last night our hearts were in our mouths as the German sled flipped and the girl on the back fell out and slid down the ice like a rag doll.  When she finally got on her feet she waved to the crowd to let them know she was ok.

I, like many, tried to take photos of it but it is extremely difficult because of the speed.  The following are the best I managed:


Bob-sleigh - Great Britain



After I collected the car in Squamish I had a Canadian moment.  I was feeling a tad cold and needed something to warm me up.  In the distance I could see a familiar glow that drew me like a magnet, it was Timmy’s.

Tim Hortons

Tim Horton is as Canadian as it comes and in my opinion makes the best hot chocolate and now was the time to have one.  I also had a Caramel Apple Fritter which was very tasty.  Fully warmed up I was ready for the drive back to Whistler.


2 Responses to Bob-sleigh, exciting but crazy

  1. bill says:

    To me nothing is more Canadian and especially BC then Murchie’s Tea and Coffee. The best coffee, tea and Hot chocolate anywhere!

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