The ‘international’ Games

Yesterday I blogged about being at the curling.  Something that struck me there (and not for the first time) was the tremendous good feeling between the supporters of the  competing nations and the good interaction.  There is something about a multi-sport Games which epitomises what sport should be all about…enjoyment by the supporters.

Where I was sitting I was surrounded by a sea of red and white.  A friend who was sitting at the opposite end from me at the curling text me to say that I was ‘sticking out like a sore thumb’ in my Scotland blue.  From my seat I could see the colours of China, USA, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the Union flag was very visible too.  It was great to see all supporters sitting next to one another and chatting about the action.  Afterwards people were having photos taken with each other.  I couldn’t miss out on this and had my picture taken with two nice representatives of the RCMP (the Mounties).

The Mounties

In the evening my friend Connie, a Canadian Kiwi, and I went downtown, she was keen to see the Olympic Cauldron.  Again, it was clear everyone was having a good time, enjoying the spectacle, even in the rain.  The Flame looked great against the dark night sky and I could feel the heat from it when the wind was blowing.  I overheard one guy say that if he stood there too long he would be barbecued!

Out in Coal Harbour the Olympic Rings where also glowing in the dark and they were golden.  When a Canadian wins a medal the rings are lit to the colour of the medal, which I think is a great touch by the organisers.

Gold for Canada

After this Connie and I went to Robson Square where, even in the cold and wet, the place was busy with people.  Families were skating and many people were standing waiting on the pyrotechnics show.  We waited and it was worth the wait, it was quite the light show.

Before we headed home on the Canada Line we decided to go the Olympic Superstore to do some shopping.  Last week the queue to get into the store went round the block and it was taking hours to get in.  The Bay eventually decided to open for 24 hours over the weekend to cope with demand.  Our wait was very short, only about 15 minutes, but it was 10pm!  The Bay still has a fantastic selection of Olympic memorabilia for sale.  I bought a couple of pins and a hat.

As we were leaving to come home I met four people who couldn’t make their minds up if they were Canadian or Scottish.  Two were wearing ‘see you Jimmy’ hats.  Turns out they are great curling fans.  We chatted, took photos and I gave them some pins.  If you are reading, you all looked great and thanks for taking time with me.  Enjoy the rest of the Games.

Curling fans

Curling fan


5 Responses to The ‘international’ Games

  1. norma pilcher says:

    great to hear about the good atmosphere amongst the supporters – specially liked the pic with the Scottish/Canadians !!

    I too haven’t managed to catch you on the telly!!

    enjoy the rest of the games

  2. Darcy Harold says:

    We are not Scottish-Canadians, simply Canadians honoring the Scottish for inventing the great game!

    • Yes, I know you are honouring us for inventing the game of curling, I said it to see if you were reading 🙂

      Thank you again for the other night, it was good to chat with you. Thank you also for considering Scotland with your attire, you all looked grand.

      I watched the curling Gold medal game today and was sorry to see Canada slip up in the 10th end, they had the game in the palm of their hand. Better luck tomorrow.

    • Darcy Harold says:


      Thanks again for putting us on your site. I was just taking a trip down memory lane and taking another look.

      You have inspired me to hopefully volunteer for your games in 2012. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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