The fitness of the Olympic spectator

Today I am in Vancouver and sitting in the Pacific Coliseum watching the women’s figure skaters going through the training for their short programme.

I had quite the excursion to get here from where I am staying.

I drove the car to a street near where I catch the bus.  I took the bus to Oakridge and caught the Canada Line (train) down to the Waterfront.  Changed to the Skytrain #1, changed to Skytrain #2 to Renfrew Station, changed to get the bus and stood and waiting for the Games Express; took bus to the stop nearest to the venue.  Then had a fairly long, meandering, walk to enter the venue, first through security, then another hike to the ticket gate.  I finally sat in my seat 1 hour and 50 minutes later!!   I could have been back in Whistler in that time.

To be an Olympic spectator you need fitness, stamina and tons of patience.

I will now settle back and watch the skating, skater from GB about to start.

Oh, one last thing, it is so nice to see so many wee girls here watching the skating.  A 5 year old in front of me is snapping away on her big Nikon camera, makes me smile 🙂


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