The Olympic Flame

The Olympic Cauldron

I finally got to see the Olympic Cauldron in Vancouver, which is a major attraction during the Games, and the iconic symbol of the Games.

There have been many complaints because VANOC cordoned off and barricaded the Cauldron as it is within an Olympic security zone.  People complained that it was not possible to get an unobstructed view of it.  It has been like this since it was lit by Wayne Gretzky during the Opening Ceremony.

A few days ago VANOC moved the fence closer to the Cauldron and opened an eye-level gap to allow for unobstructed views and photographs.  A viewing platform was also set up and the line-ups were long.

The Olympic Cauldron

Following further complaints, the organisers removed about half of the chain-link fence and replaced it with concrete barriers topped with clear Plexiglass.

Although I agree the Flame should be viewed easier by the public, I have no complaints about my experience.  I was on the viewing platform within 30 minutes and got a good view of the Cauldron.  I could feel the heat coming from the Flame and it added a glow to my photographs.  I also got a good view from street level.  My biggest problem was getting a clear shot without hundreds of arms and hands holding digital cameras in the air.  All things considered I am content with my photos.

I have now seen the Olympic Torch Relay, the Olympic Flame in Whistler and now in Vancouver.

Olympic Torch Relay in Whistler

The Olympic Flame in Whistler


2 Responses to The Olympic Flame

  1. ivision4u says:

    What an emotional experience for all when it came into Whistler. It is an indescribable sensation to have the torch come rolling by your house. You can check it out at

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