Lindsey Vonn eat your heart out!!!

I did something today I haven’t done for 20 years…I went skiing…and I didn’t end up in hospital!!  I decided that I couldn’t come to Whistler and not try skiing.  The last time I skied was in 1989 and knackered my knee big time.  My knee still isn’t great but I decided to risk it.

I thought, given the length of time since I had last time I skied, I should enrol in a ski school at Whistler-Blackcomb.  My volunteer uniform is actually a ski jacket and trousers and it was very useful today.

First stop after check-in was the rental shop to get my skis, boots, poles and helmet.  Problem #1, getting the boots buckled up.  Who designs these things!?  I broke two nails trying to flip the clips.  Eventually a nice assistant fitted my boots for me.  Problem #2, adopting the funny walk created by the boots.  Ski boots must be the most uncomfortable footwear ever and I have yet to see someone who looks comfortable walking in them.  And I can’t understand why anyone would want to walk round the supermarket wearing them, and the helmet and goggles!!

It was a beautiful day on Whistler mountain and I was looking forward to skiing, although a tad nervous.  I was in a class of 5 and our instructor was Frank.  I am not going to document the whole day but I would like to make it known that I did not fall once, I shoogled a few times but I always managed to stay on my feet, sorry, skis.  We went on the Olympic Chair and skied down the Olympic run…no, not that Olympic run, it was being used for some women’s skiing event.


I had been concerned about my knee but I shouldn’t have, it was fine, it was my foot that caused me some discomfort, problem #3.  My right foot has been a problem for some time and when squeezed into ski boots it didn’t like it, cramped up and was very painful.  At the lunch break I took the boot off and walked about in my bare-foot on the cold floor, it helped greatly.  I had to do this one more time before finishing for the day, this time I stuck my bare-foot straight into the snow…ahhh, relief.

I had a great day, with fab weather, in a fantastic environment, and I even indulged in skier’s comfort food when I got back to the bottom of the hill, I had a BeaverTail.  I am so glad I made the decision to go skiing.  Now where is the Dave Murray Downhill?


Tonight I attended the concert given by Barenaked Ladies in the Village Square.  It was an excellent event and was attended by a huge number of people…we were packed in, standing shoulder to shoulder.

Barenaked Ladies

There was a great vibe in the Square and it increased even more when the medal ceremonies from Whistler and Vancouver were beamed on the big screen.

Tonight, Maelle Ricker (Can) was presented with her Gold medal from yesterday’s snowboard cross racing.  The plaza erupted and ‘O Canada’ was sung in full voice by the red and white brigade.

It was also good to see Lindsey Vonn (USA) get her much deserved Gold medal for winning the ladies downhill event.  She has had a fantastic season so far and her Olympic success only reiterated her dominance in her event.

The British curling teams finally got off the mark – the men’s team beat France and the women’s team beat China.  I can hardly wait to get down to Vancouver to see the curling event.


6 Responses to Lindsey Vonn eat your heart out!!!

  1. Lynne says:

    Go Girl! Well done and your blog is looking terrific! And also wanted to comment that I loved the opening ceremonies and K.D.Lang’s singing was superb.

  2. ok ok, now that is a framer! So you can come with me to ski now, but yet another activity in common….now you mentioned about the lost items. Is that one on your left hand? I noticed you dont have a right glove. thanks for the early call today! Heather

  3. Ceava says:

    I have a solution for your 3 skiing problems: Snowboarding. Comfortable soft boots, laces rather than clips and you can walk like a human being. Also you only need to worry about carrying 1 thing. The perfect winter sport!

    Enjoying the blog and your workload!

    • And that is another thing, you could kill someone with skis that are over your shoulder. On a number of occasions I have had to take avoidence action when someone walking down the street stops and turns without thinking about those around them.

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