Lost and Found

The number of items that appear in the Village’s lost and found department continues to rise.  Yesterday we did an inventory of all the items and tried to reunite them with their owners.  I think we managed to shift about ten out of about 100 items.

It is amazing how athletes don’t realise that they don’t have their skis with them when they get off the bus or at least when they get to their venue to compete!!

The other day a pair of cross-country skis was handed into us from the transportation mall.  The skis were prepared ready for use in competition.  The athlete left them on the bus and they were delivered back to the Village.  The athlete finally realised s/he was missing them and we had to arrange to have them delivered back out to the venue.

Many people must have cold hands because we have boxes of lost gloves.  We have had event tickets, phones, sun glasses, cameras, GPS, keys and other odd items handed in.

We have a good system in place to log the items lost or found, both in a paper form and on a database.  It will be interesting to see how many items we collect by the end of the Games but hopefully we will be able to reunite most with their owners.


Following Alex Bilodeau’s Gold medal success the night before I could sense an excitement about the place.  Alex won Canada’s first ever Gold medal at a home Games and it is all over the news and people are talking about it.  There were high hopes in the men’s downhill but alas it wasn’t to be for Canada.

Last night I went down to Whistler Village to enjoy the atmosphere when the medal presentation ceremonies were taking place.  There is a live ceremony event in Vancouver and Whistler every night and last night Alex’s presentation was shown live in Whistler on the big screens.  It was great to hear the Canadians singing their national anthem loud and proud.  This golden win, and the other 3 medals won so far, has given Canada the impetus to go on and do great things at these Games and they have high hopes in all events.  Pity they will be disappointed in the curling 😉

I stayed on to watch the Fire and Ice show but got too cold and left early to catch the bus home.

Canada's first Gold medal

Skiers Plaza, Whistler


6 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. FR says:

    I’ve never felt such Canadian pride in my life! It’s amazing to see the country come together for the games, and that too in Vancouver! Due to some scheduling issues, I couldn’t be a part of the Olympic volunteer/work scene. Any idea how I can land a last minute volunteer opportunity at the games? I would love to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

    And thanks for providing an insider look at the Volunteer experience!

  2. Louise Karch says:

    Hi I’m wondering if you can help. I lost one left mitt, adult small and I’m trying to find a phone number or email for the Vanoc centre. I can’t find a number online.

    Thank you so much for a great Olympics and most welcoming city. Louise

  3. Siobhan says:

    My boyfriend was at the Olympics at the start of the games and has just realized that he lost his camera, we live in Toronto. Is there an email I can write to see if the camera was found or a number I can call. Of course the camera was brand new and if possible we would like to get it back. Thanks so much!

    • Sorry, can’t help you. The lost and found we have mainly belongs to athletes who stayed in the Village in Whistler. You should perhaps contact Vancouver Police in the first instance.

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