Day 2 and the first Gold medal of the Games goes to…

I had a very early start to my day yesterday…4:15am!!!!  I was interviewed again on CBC news and they were keen to do an early morning slot before 5am (8am Eastern).  I was up and trying to look bright eyed and bushy tailed (where does that daft expression come from?).  The questions on this occasion were my views on the Opening Ceremony, Canadians and the Olympics; and volunteering.

I did my first early shift yesterday and was kept going all day.  It was great being on the ‘front line’ helping athletes and officials with any queries they may have, and there are many and no two are the same.  We deal with lost and found and we are beginning to build up a good stock of items ranging from gloves, sun glasses, phones, shoes, clothing and skis!!

Last night the Olympic Flame was glowing in Whistler and there was many people out and about the Village watching the festivities, even although it was a bit damp.

Olympic Flame in Whistler

Under the Olympic rings a tribute has been set up in memory of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili who died while practicing on Friday.  There are many flowers, messages and pin badges from around the world been laid.  And the Olympic and Canada flags are at half mast.

It was interesting to see so many nationalities walking about Whistler, all decked out in the colours of their nations, and everyone is enjoying one another’s company, chatting and taking photographs with one another.  There is a great buzz in the village and it will no doubt build as the week progresses.

Simon Ammann from Switzerland won the Games first Gold medal in ski jumping.  And Canada missed out on its first Gold when Hannah Kearney (USA) pipped Jennifer Heil in the freestyle skiing moguls.  Well done Jenn in winning the Silver medal.

Simon Ammann, Switzerland


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  1. ivision4u says:

    The Men’s Olympic downhill is now underway. Here is your virtual Olymipic Men’s downhill course.

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