Let the Games begin

The day has come, the time is now.  I, like many Canadians, have waited on today for a very long time, since July 2003.  I am so excited to be here, at this time, to be part of the greatest show on earth.

Today I saw the Olympic Torch again, this time it was running through the streets of Vancouver.  Everyone was excited to see it.  The people were cheering the Torch bearers as they ran past, then wanting their photo taken with a used Torch to say they held the Olympic Torch.

Patriotism is everywhere, from the elderly man I saw on the train today proudly wearing his Olympic sweatshirt and matching baseball hat right down to the little baby with its wee red and white toque on.

There are Canadian flags everywhere, hanging from homes, office blocks, construction sites, restaurants, from car windows, kids walking along the street, even the buses have ‘Go, Canada, Go’ flashing on the front.  Canadians are not always known for showing their passion for their nation but I think it is fair to say that, from what I have seen, the mask has slipped and the true Canuck is being revealed to the world, and it is as clear as the maple leaf painted on their faces.

Welcome to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler.


The Olympic Flame


One Response to Let the Games begin

  1. Barbara McIntyre says:

    Well put Joyce! You have caught the spirit perfectly and described it beautifully. Thank you for your eloquence.

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