Only 1 day and 18 hours to go – where does the time go?

Sorry for not posting yesterday’s proceedings before now.  I had a very long day in the Village, I didn’t get home until 00:40 and I had to get up early to catch the 08:20 bus to Vancouver to get down in time to attend tonight’s Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal.

I am saying nothing about the rehearsal as it is a secret until Friday when the audience in BC Place and the billions watching around the world will see it for themselves.  All I will say to those reading this blog, and attending the OC on Friday, please consider taking an extra layer to wear, it was a tad chilly in BC Place tonight.


I had a great time in the Village yesterday.  I was assigned to the Resident Services HQ, helping answering queries behind the front desk.  I am not sure I was there a great deal of the time because I was out and about helping teams with one thing or another.

My first task was to help Korea put up their flag on the front of their accommodation, which required a ladder, a hammer, some nails and a Scottish/Korean translation book!  I sourced the items to do the task and it then took the next 40 mins or so to complete the task.  The Korean officials had many discussions about where and how they wanted the flags hung.  After much deliberation and instruction we finally nailed a huge flag, that would probably carpet my entire flat, to the outside of the building.

Job done I thought.  Nope, I was nabbed by Greece to do the same thing with them.  With them there was much discussion about exactly where to hang the flag, to the right, to the left, no, in the centre was the final resting place.

On both occasions, even although there were slight language challenges, we all had a laugh about what were trying to do.  I was just pleased to assist where possible.

After this I helped out in the laundry centre to allow a fellow volunteer to have a break then dinner.  I moved luggage, arranged to have some trees trimmed, learned how to enter tasks to be done into the computer database and few other things.  The time just flew past and it was 23:00 before I knew what was going on.  After chatting with a few folk I finally caught the bus at 23:50 to Creekside then it seemed to take me an eternity to climb the hill to the house, getting in at 00:40.  I was still wide awake so I did some packing to save me doing it in the morning.


When standing waiting for the Greyhound bus this morning snow was blowing in the wind.  The expectation is that by Saturday it will be  stormy with some snow.  Due to this forecast the organisers of the downhill have decided to bring the event forward a few hours on Saturday to try and avoid the worst of the weather.

That’s your lot for now, I’m away to bed.


One Response to Only 1 day and 18 hours to go – where does the time go?

  1. Karen P says:

    Thought you were slipping up!!! I log on every morning to read the next instalment. Keep it coming – it makes us all feel involved!!

    Your photos are fab – that’s certainly a good camera – worth the hassle and wait!

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