On the radio today

I have just been interviewed live on Radio Scotland.  This has been in the planning for a few days and finally happened this morning.  I was asked about the snow conditions at Cypress and Whistler, the kind of work I have been doing as a volunteer and what I thought of the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal.  I kept shtum about the OC but I said the snow at Cypress had improved overnight and that the athletes and officials were happy with the Olympic runs for snowboarding and freestyle skiing.

While I was being interviewed my cousin Margaret was listening to me on Radio Scotland’s online channel.  How technology has changed since I first visited Canada, when it took me about 2 weeks to find out the football results or never knowing the news from back home unless it was an important piece of news and it made the headlines on the Canadian network.

Today I am going Downtown Vancouver to have a walk about the pavilions and see the action.  Then tonight Margaret and I are going out to see the Torch Relay on the penultimate day of its run across Canada.  The weather right now is a bit driech so hopefully it will improve by then.


One Response to On the radio today

  1. norma pilcher says:

    still enjoying your adventures and the pictures – can almost hear the excitement in your voice!

    you are also becoming a bit of a media star!! – some of your colleagues caught it on the radio but even in this age of technology we could not hear it at work so we will be listening on replay!(can you give us more warning of your next media appearance ?)

    enjoy the ceremony!!!!

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