One week to go!! And the Torch arrives in Whistler

As I look out my bedroom window this morning there are big white snowflakes falling from the sky.  Apparently it has been snowing since 4am and 3cms have fallen already.

Today is an exciting day here in Whistler…the Olympic Torch arrives. The Torch Relay has been all over Canada and is now only seven days from Vancouver and the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Games.

I have a day off from my Olympic volunteering today so I signed up to be a volunteer at the Torch celebrations here in Whistler.  I am going to be a ‘stager’ but I have no idea what that means, I will tell you tomorrow.  All I can tell you is that I am so excited to be involved in such a once in a lifetime experience.

Yesterday was a long day but a good one one.  I had an interesting responsibility, it was my job to check in the equipment used by the athletes competing in the biathlon.

I had to ensure the delivery of the equipment to the appropriate secure area.  The athletes would then come to check that their equipment was in good order following  delivery and I would then issue them with a key for their lockers.  I had to deal with the athletes from Belarus, China, Moldovia and Poland.  It was something I had never done before and was interesting, and challenging when it came to understanding one another!

As I was indoors much of the day I didn’t see or do much else therefore photo opportunities were few.  These are a few I did take:



Athletes Village Welcome Centre


One Response to One week to go!! And the Torch arrives in Whistler

  1. Sarah says:

    wow! How cool is that! Usually I think staging means sorta the same as “set up”. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

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