10 days to go

Snowing in Whistler

I woke this morning to a light covering of snow and it looked very pretty. By the time I was going out the snow had stopped and it was actually quite mild.  Mind you I was dressed from head to toe in my new Olympic volunteer’s uniform and I was very cosy.

All volunteers have been provided with a ski-type jacket, padded ski trousers, a gilet (vest), two long sleeved t-shirts and a toque hat.  I like the clothing, the colour is a nice shade of blue.  The toque (beanie hat) I will get used to.

Today had my first job specific training session, a lot of which is just commonsense, and we were all given a CPR Anytime kit!  I hope I never have to give CPR to anyone.

At the training I met another Commonwealth Games friend.  Todd Allison is one of the Village’s team leaders and I have known him since the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester.  I am looking forward to working with Todd again.

My new friend

After the training was over I went for a bit of a recce around the Village, to find out what was where.  I walked the perimeter of the Village, which is quite the expanse.  The athletes accommodation is very nice from the outside, made from wood and in a variety of designs.  I passed where Team GB will stay and I dropped in to say hello and they kindly gave me a team pin.

Team GB HQ

Other than the Team GB office, I am not going to post any photos of the Village at this time because I don’t believe it would be proper before the arrival of the athletes.  I will say however, that they should have great time in the Village and they will be well looked after.


3 Responses to 10 days to go

  1. norma pilcher says:

    Hi Joyce

    really enjoying following your adventures and your pics are great!

    we had snow again last night – but did not compare to what you have

    What is a toque hat?

    speak soon back to MFQ’s!!!

  2. Neil Ferry says:

    thank you for all the detail . !! great contribution!

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