Last day of January

Sorry for the delay in posting about my activities on Sunday, I was feeling a tad tired and I had to pack again as I was relocating to Whistler to start my volunteer duties…more of that later.

I spent the last day of January at False Creek in Vancouver.  The weather wasn’t the best when I started out but improved and turned into a nice afternoon.

I was on the Canada Line again.  It is a pleasant way to travel as it is quick and you are downtown in no time at all.  I got off at the Olympic Village stop and took the Bombardier (streetcar) to Granville Island, where I had a wander through the market, looking (and smelling) at the variety of food on offer – bakery, fish, meat, cheeses, veggies, and many more.  I had difficulty deciding what to take home for dessert.

Granville Island bakery

I took the Aquabus to Yaletown and went for a walk on the north side of False Creek, towards the Science World.  In 1986 this part of town was the centre of Expo.  The place has changed considerably since then and the only recognisable feature still there is the big sparkly sphere that is the Science World.

Science World, Vancouver

During  the Olympics, Science World will be the main HQ for the host of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Sochi.  It is known as the Rusky Dome.

Sochi 2014 at the Science World

The Athletes Village is on the south side of False Creek and it is a huge complex and after the Games, the site will become the newest addition to Vancouver’s network of neighbourhoods. It will have approximately 1,100 residential units, including 730 market condos, 120 market rental apartments, and 250 proposed affordable housing apartments.

Athletes Village, Vancouver

Athletes Village, Vancouver

False Creek, Vancouver

McDonalds at the Olympics

It was good to see Vancouver taking shape for the Games and tomorrow I head north to Whistler to start my volunteer duties.

After I had finished with my walk I returned to Granville Island and bought dessert to take home.


2 Responses to Last day of January

  1. Sarah says:

    wait! you didn’t tell us which dessert you picked! hehe Thank you for the lovely photos and I hope you’re safely in Whistler now. 🙂

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