Photo Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday was great day, and also tiring.  I joined seven others on 2010vanfan’s Photo Scavenger Hunt.  We met in the Pin Trading Centre in the Olympic superstore, where we were split into teams of two.  My partner, Stephanie, drew the short straw getting me, the visitor to the city.  Although I know Vancouver well, running about it, trying decipher cryptic clues and coming up with photographic evidence was going to be a tad challenging.  However, with Transit ticket in hand, off we set to find the answer to the first clue.

Canada Line

I am not going to go through all the clues but I will say it pays to read carefully every clue verrrrryyyy carefully, even if it looks like a spelling mistake!!  If Stephanie and I had done this we would have saved ourselves some time and avoided the near-trip by bus to the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park!  We should have been on the Canada Line heading out to the airport.  We were looking for a ‘glass dome’ – the Bloedel Conservatory instantly came into our heads right away…wrong!  Anyway, we quickly corrected ourselves, got back on the Canada Line, set out for the airport and found the glass dome.

After this we sat down, worked out the answers to the next clues and made a plan of action, and it worked, even if did make us 1 hour late to finish behind the others.  Our problem, or at least mine, was I was in tourist mode and went off taking other photographs, and it was not long until Stephanie was doing it too.  When were at City Hall we stood for a wee while watching the new slate with Olympic/Paralympic signage being installed.

Vancouver City Hall - Olympic/Paralympic signage

When we were in Yaletown we were asked to take a photo of four flags which were stuck to the pavement (sidewalk).  Not us, we walked around the block and collected almost all the flags of the Olympic nations!!  I should say that the Yaletown clue was the only one I provided an answer to, and that was only because I walked around there two days before and had seen the British flag stuck to the pavement.

Olympic Line - The Bombardier

Afterwards we went to Doolins Irish pub for something to eat.  I was starving and looking forward to eating something but I didn’t want to eat too much as I was going out for dinner later, so I decided on a plate soup…I’ll just say, I left Doolins still hungry!!

2010 Photo Scavanger Hunt

2010 Photo Scavanger Hunt

It was a great day.  It was nice to meet others too.  Stephanie and I had a lot of fun, and she coped with having me for a partner, thanks for that.  Many thanks to Nancy, James and Andrea for the pins.   And big thanks to Andrea for her efforts in pulling the quiz together and providing the prizes, it was worth it.  I hope you all have a great Olympic experience.


2 Responses to Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. Steph says:

    Joyce, I am so glad I got you for a partner in the 2010vanfan digital photo scavenger hunt. We made a great team! Slow but sure! If it weren’t for you we would’ve trekked over to Bloedel Conservatory. Luckily you figured out the first clue while we were still on the Cambie bus and not somewhere in QE Park! I had a really good time and had a lot of fun with you. I enjoyed “hunting” and being a tourist with you and hearing about your previous travels, volunteering, pin collecting, and the curling rivalry. I will never think of the Bombadeer (aka the Bombardier) the same way again!!! Have fun volunteering in Whistler! Take care.

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