13 days to go

Yesterday, I did something today that I haven’t done since Expo 1986, I went up Grouse Mountain.  When I set off it was quite nice, not sunny but pleasant but by the time I got to the car park at Grouse it was drizzly and chilly.  I swithered about going up but decided that as I was there I may as well go for the ride.  I put on my warm clothing, including my red mittens and got in the gondola.

At the top it was raining quite heavily but the place was busy with kids in ski schools.  There was a lot of snow for skiing and snow-boarding but it was wet in places for walking in.  I walked about for a bit but I didn’t take many photos because it was so gloomy and my camera was getting wet.  The view of the city was almost non-existent…could make out BC Place but the rest was grey.  It was disappointing because I was hoping to get a nice view of the city.  Oh well, nae luck!

Even the bears were in their den hibernating from the dreich weather…they were visible on a tv screen inside the main building.

The crew from NBC were busy laying out cables and getting ready for broadcasting the Olympic Games – http://www.nbcolympics.com/

On my journey home I made a wee detour through Stanley Park, driving round to Brockton Point where there is a great view of the city skyline.  By the time I got there the lights in the office blocks were beginning to glow and the sky was much clearer making it great for photography.  The only blip on the scene was the Olympics rings sitting on a barge hadn’t been switched on.

Olympic rings in Coal Harbour

There were a few us waiting patiently, with cameras poised, ready for the moment with the rings would be illuminated.  Then there was spark of white lights before the rings burst into blue.  They look stunning, especially with the reflection on the water.

Olympics rings in Coal Harbour

I was waiting patiently for them to change colour and ultimately in the traditional five Olympic colours but I was informed by a woman, who had been there every night for the last four nights taking photos, that for some reason, the rings have been programmed to cycle through the 5 colours until the Olympics begin in 2 weeks time, and have only been seen in the multi-colour configuration a few times.  Oh well, gives me an excuse to back to photograph all the colours and then hopefully the rings in all their Olympic glory.

There were loads of folk taking photos and Brockton Point provides a great view of the city skyline too.  Here are a few and the rest are on Flickr.

Vancouver skyline & Olympic rings

Canada Place

Canada Place

Olympic rings

Today I am looking forward to meeting some of my fellow volunteers and bloggers to go on a photo scavanger hunt, should be good fun (if the weather behaves itself!).


One Response to 13 days to go

  1. Robert W. says:

    That’s a BEAUTIFUL shot of Canada Place, Joyce, and the rings too! Your readers may enjoy this video I put together of those floating rings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQkfbiju8CY

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