16 Days to go and I am on my way to Vancouver

I am sitting at the airport, all checked in…online check in is great, turn up at the airport, dumped my bag.  Thanks to British Airways I have free wi-fi.

I hate packing.  I have had all my stuff lying in piles but when the time comes to put in the case I think it will either never all go in or it’s too heavy.  Today it all fitted in easily and it was dead on weight…but it looks big.  It sailed through check-in and I won’t see it again until Vancouver (I hope!!).

For some odd reason my music has disappeared from my iPod so I am away to try to fix it…it is a long way to go without music.

UPDATE: while logged on just now I received an email from the London 2012 Volunteering team telling me about my next Olympic volunteering gig…let me get this one over with first please!

FURTHER UPDATE: Music is now back on the iPod…phew!!


2 Responses to 16 Days to go and I am on my way to Vancouver

  1. Robert W. says:


    Vancouver anxiously awaits your arrival! In the meantime, here’s a video I think you’ll enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xMz2SnSWS4

  2. lol, you are even volunteering at London 2012? I should have known. If they need any more volunteers please give them my name. You will have to do a blog for that year as well. Have fun in Vancouver.

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