One more week to work…

I have one more week to work before flying to BC the following week to be part of the world’s greatest sporting event.  It will be a busy week, completing my work but also finalising my travel plans.

I have lists – I have a list for what will go in my suitcase; I have a list for what will go in my hand luggage; I have a list of things I still need to buy; I have ‘what-still-to-do’ lists both for work and travel; and I have a list to check my lists!!!  My ipod Touch has never been so well used.


My main concerns right now are: what clothing/footwear do I take and my new camera.

Travelling to an event like the Olympics takes major thinking about what clothing and footwear to take, particularly winter clothing.  Through my experience with working with Team Canada at the Commonwealth Games what I take out with is doubled when I come back, resulting in excess baggage costs but it is worth it.  I was of the mind to buy what I needed in winter clothing when I got to Vancouver, a different selection of clothing and it meant I didn’t need to carry it all the way over there.  However. the extreme winter weather we have had here in Scotland soon changed that and I decided to get some clothing and footwear now.  Because of their bulk and weight and to lighten my suitcase I will just wear the jacket and boots to travel.

I will also be provided with my volunteer’s uniform and of course I will be buying Olympic merchandise, which will all add to the luggage for the trip back home.  Now where’s my list?


Anyone that knows me will tell you how keen I am on photography.  My wee point and shoot camera is like an American Express card to me, I never leave home without it!  I have two cameras: one for my pocket and a bigger one for when I am feeling more creative.  The current wee camera I have, although not old, is causing me some problems therefore I decided that the Olympics deserved a new one.

After much deliberating I decided on a Panasonic Lumix TZ7 – it has all the bells and whistles and still fits in my pocket.  Last week I ordered it online and it duly arrived this past week.  When I opened the box, and much to my disgust, I found a BROWN camera!  Who makes brown cameras in this day and age?  Clearly Panasonic think it is a trendy colour for a camera…I don’t!  It is not a box Brownie.  Anyway, I got in touch with the company I ordered it from and they agreed they had sent me the wrong colour and would replace it.  I have waited patiently for a courier to come and collect it and the camera only left me on Friday and I now hoping and praying that the correct camera arrives before I leave.  It should but you never know.


My blog so far is mainly videos and stories I have picked up from the reading on the internet, I am desperate to be writing about my own observations and experiences.

I have been reading tons of stuff on the web about the build of excitement in Canada, particularly following the Olympic Torch as it meanders across the country.  Today is Day 80 and the Torch is Alberta going from Medicine Hat, AB – Lethbridge, AB.

Reading about the Torch relay, the Olympic dressing going up around Vancouver, the pin traders already at work, the snow that continues to fall in Whistler is making me feel detached from it all, which is to be expected given I’m in Scotland!  Every day I read with envy writings by other bloggers.

I get a huge amount of information from Andrea (2010vanfan) as she is located in Vancouver and every day she is out and about in the city observing the build-up, telling us about the progress, the folk she meets and the pin-trading she is doing.  Andrea is also a volunteer working in Vancouver.

And there is Christina (Journey to Vancouver 2010), she is blogging from a fan’s perspective.

And there is Scott and Beth (and friends) in Toronto (the Excellent Olympic Adventure) blogging their way to Vancouver.

There are many more bloggers who will be in Vancouver or Whistler.  Our paths may or may not cross but each and every one of us will have our own stories to tell about our adventure and experience at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.


3 Responses to One more week to work…

  1. As someone born & raised in Vancouver, and a fellow Olympics volunteer, let me offer you a heartfelt WELCOME SOON, Joyce!

    Your enthusiasm for our Games is very impressive & much appreciated!

    Regarding your clothing concerns, may I share some thoughts on the subject . . . the Olympics jacket you’ll get seems to be waterproof and appears thick enough to keep one warm if they’re wearing a few layers underneath. When not on shift, I plan to wear my “usual” Vancouver winter gear: an outer thin rain jacket, and inner jacket, a thick sweater, and a t-shirt. A good scarf, gloves, and a toque or cap are always good too. Even though it doesn’t get too cold here, it’s the wind, combined with the rain that makes one feel very cold.

    By the way, if you end up not bringing sufficient clothing, I am 100% positive that you can borrow more things from my mom. She has helped out many of my visiting female friends in this way before!

    As a little preview of Vancouver for you, here are several photos I’ve compiled over the years:

  2. Hi Robert

    Thank you for your post and your helpful advice. I have visited Vancouver many times but never at this time of the year. Today the weather in Edinburgh is very Vancouver-like. It is Whister that I am unsure about. I have been to cottage country in Ontario a few times therefore I am expecting it to be a similar climate. I’ll be fine, if I don’t have it I’ll buy it.

    Nice photos. Have a great Games.

  3. Heather/Bailey says:

    Thanks Joyce, and we look forward to your comments and calls! You have certainly organized yourself well and I am sure it will be spectacular and lots of fun.
    Cheers to you!

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