Feels like Whistler in Scotland

Today, at noon, in Edinburgh, the temperature is minus 6 but it is sunny with a nice blue sky.  More snow is predicted and even lower temps for the weekend and into next week.

As tonight is Twelfth Night I have taken down my Christmas tree and cards…the place looks bare without them.  Now where’s my suitcase.

In three weeks I fly to Vancouver to start my volunteer duties.  This morning I received an email from VANOC with a special invitation to attend the dress rehersal of the Opening Ceremony.  I am so excited I could burst.

I have been following the Olympic Torch as it makes its way across Canada…today it is in Ontario.  In 39 days it will be in Vancouver.  I am hoping to catch a glimpse there or in Whistler.

Ok, back to packing up the Christmas stuff before going out for a walk in the fresh air.


3 Responses to Feels like Whistler in Scotland

  1. Wow, Congrats on being invitated to attend the dress rehersal of the Opening Ceremony. I look forward to reading your blog about that experience!


  2. Beth says:

    Hi! Thanks for linking our blog! we will add yours to ours shortly!!

    What are you doing as a volunteer while out there??

  3. Adrienne Brown says:

    Invited to the Opening Ceremonies? What a perk! All the volunteers really deserve it, though, and I’m looking forward to reading your blog all about it — and every day thereafter!

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