Pin trading requests


Thank you for all the comments regarding my pin collection, they are much appreciated.

I have had many requests to trade some of my pins.  I would be happy to do this if I was in the same place as those who have contacted me but I am not keen to trade via the postal service.  If, however, you happen to attend London 2012 or Glasgow 2014 I would be more than happy to consider trading with anyone, where appropriate.

Interesting reading for pin traders:

See you in London and/or Glasgow


Who would have thought it…


…but I am wearing my Vancouver 2010 volunteer’s blue jacket almost every day because of the on-going winter weather in Scotland.  I have many other jackets but I like wearing my blue jacket best because I can layer and it had loads of pockets for my bits and pieces.

It is currently midnight and it is -16 degrees in Edinburgh.  We haven’t had a winter like this since 1963, although experts say it may be longer than that.  We have had record amounts of snow, continued low temperatures for almost two weeks and, other than a forecasted balmy few days this coming weekend, it is to be like this until the end of the year at least!

I love this weather but it has been having a significant effect on my travel to work.  On a couple of days last week I took public transport and it took two buses and 2.5 hours from door to door, and back again.  I like walking in the snow and love taking photos.

Winter Wonderland

Some days I have more Olympic gear on than you could buy in the Olympic Superstore – today I had on a white 2010 Olympic toque; my volunteer’s blue jacket and ski pants; my Canadian Olympic scarf and the famous red mittens.  All that’s missing are my winter boots which happen to be lying in a cupboard in my cousin’s house in Vancouver!!!  Who’s idea was it to leave them behind until the next visit…oh yeah, it was mine!


The last hurrah – 2010 Winter Olympic Games slideshow


It hasn’t been easy reducing 4,500 photos to fit a 4 mins music track but here is my Olympic slideshow.  They may not be my best photos but they are some of my favourites.

This is my last contribution to my Vancouver 2010 blog.  Thank you for reading, your comments and your interest in my Olympic experience.

Look out for my next blog from the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi from 3-14 October.

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The Endless Winter at Whistler Blackcomb


April 10 and the snow is still falling at Whistler-Blackcomb. This depresses me because it didn’t snow when I was there in February…snowed tons before and after!!!

2010 Winter Paralympic Games: Closing Ceremony Athletes Parade through Whistler


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In the records books


I am slowly but surely getting through my photos, sorting, deleting, naming and organising them.  I took over 4,500 shots in seven weeks, and I only took one camera with me!!  I am making a couple of slideshows, turning them into wee videos and in the next few days hope to upload them into the blog.  Once I do this it will be the end of my Olympic blogging and will turn my attention to my next trip, which is to the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

While going through my photos tonight I came across a few I had forgotten about and had to plan to use on my blog.  The one below is me with Athanasios and Panagiota Tsakiris, from the Greek team, who made history when they became the first ever father-daughter duo to compete at the same Winter Games.

Panagiota and Athanasios Tsakiris

The father and daughter’s record secured them a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

For Athanasios, Vancouver was his fifth Winter Olympics and he has competed over 600 times, in international competitions, as a member of the Greek ski team, in the biathlon and cross-country events.  His daughter, Panagiota, competed in her second Games, in the Biathlon.

It is a great achievement and one the Tsakiris’ family should be very proud.

Thank you VANOC and the IOC


As I read (and weep) about the ending of the Paralympic Games today I have been thinking about my time out in BC as an Olympic volunteer.  I have tons of memories, good and not so good; made many new friends; taken over 4,500 photographs (which I am still sorting out); added to my pin collection; and many pieces of Olympic memorabilia – red mittens and Canada scarf (regretting that I didn’t buy the hat to match :(); a cow-bell and bear bells; a set of Petro Canada glasses (that didn’t break in transit back to Scotland!); and the gifts given to the volunteers by VANOC and the IOC.  We were given a couple of pin badges, glass coasters, a commemorative coin/medal, a stunning Birks Olympic key ring (which I plan to change to a necklace) and a Swatch watch when we finished our last shift.  All unexpected and very much appreciated by me.

Gifts from VANOC and IOC

I miss my colleagues and friends in the Village at Whistler and I hope they all had a great Paralympic Games, and I hope to see them again sometime.

I don’t however, miss the food in the workforce dining area.  It was some of the most unpleasant food I have ever tasted and was pleased we could use the meal vouchers at McDonalds.  I am sorry if that is too critical but I believe it is important to feed your volunteers properly, after all they are giving freely of their time and working hard to help deliver a successful Games.  Yes, the gifts are welcomed but the every day care of the volunteers is crucial, and food is a vital component.

In the coming weeks the Villages in both Vancouver and Whistler will be dismantled and the work completed to turn them into the homes that people have bought.

I was pleased to have been able to visit the Vancouver Village.  I didn’t get the opportunity to see inside the buildings due to the preparation for the Paralympics but the outside and surrounding area are very impressive.  The condos on False Creek in Vancouver will have magnificent views of the city and beyond to the mountains.

Vancouver Village

Vancouver Village

The houses in Whistler are situated in a lovely rural setting, surrounded by the mountains and trees.

The homes in Vancouver and Whistler are a lasting legacy of these Games and not many folk will be able to say that they had Olympic/Paralympic athletes staying in their homes. One day I hope to go back to Whistler to see how they area of the Village has been developed.

I also hope when I do return in the winter I will experience a Whistler winter and see the snow rather than the grass in the valley.

I have posted a few photos of both Villages here if you are interested.

Whistler Village

Whistler Village (with snow!!)

It’s over to you now London in 2012.  You have a hard act to follow, and I don’t mean Beijing.  Will the UK unite like Canada did?  Will the streets of London buzz like Vancouver and Whistler?  Will it rain for the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games!?  Only time will tell.

And then we move onto 2014, a year of sport, when Sochi hosts the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Glasgow will host the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup will be held at Gleneagles, Scotland.  Bring it on!